Estate Planning

We do the work so your loved ones won't have to.

How this works: 

  • Fill out the appropriate form below; 

  • We contact you via email with a quote; 

  • Payments can be taken online or over the phone; 

  • We begin work on your case; 

  • We email you drafts of your documents for review in your home if you are doing Estate Planning; 

  • Once your are pleased with your drafts, we meet to execute the documents and provide you with your Estate Planning Packet. 

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Estate Planning Packets


Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney 

HIPAA Authorization

Estate Planning Packets begin at $500 for individuals and $800 for married couples. 



Depending on the Estate, you may or may not need to Probate.

What we will need from you: 

  • The original Will;

  • Death Certificate; and 

  • The completed information form. 

Muniment of Title Probate

Independent Administration

Starting at $1,500

  • There must be a Will.

  • The Estate must be debt free (certain exceptions do apply).

  • Takes anywhere from 30-60 days.

  • There is no need for an Administration of the Estate. 

Starting at $2,000

  • There must be a Will. 

  • Letters Testamentary will be issued. 

  • Administrator must meet the Texas qualifications, such as not be incapacitated or committed a felony. 

Determination of Heirship

Affidavit of Heirship

Starting at $2,500

  • No Will can be found. 

  • An Attorney Ad Litem can be required by the Court. 

  • An Administrator must be appointed. 

  • The Administrator must be qualified by law and appointed by the Court. 

Starting at $600

  • A document filed within the County Records. 

  • Once on file for 5 years, most title companies will recognize the document. 

  • Can be effective for smaller families

Signing a Contract


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